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Plumbing Code Violation Corrections

Send us the list!  Did you just receive a Home Inspection or City Code Violation Report with a couple items of concern or even a full page hazard list?  Forward it to us, we will decipher the Code (literally) and get you in compliance.

Rozga Plumbing and Heating works with all municipalities and are on many of their preferred contractors lists. We reach out to the inspectors and let them know we are on the case, we submit the plumbing code violation permit immediately to show your intent so that you remain in good standings with the least amount of friction during your home sale or time sensitive deadline.  With our involement we do our part to make sure you meet the deadline before fines ensue.

Are you forward thinking and just making sure there are no safety concerns or 'suprises' in an upcoming home sale?  We also perform detailed plumbing inspections and diagnostic reports along with our recommendations and estimates to correct.  

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