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Gas Leak Detection & Repairs

Natural gas leaks in your basement are FAR more common than anyone realizes. There have been huge improvements in thread compound used for assembling gas piping that were not available back then.  There have been jobs where we actually disassembled old gas piping with our bare hands, no pipe wrenches even needed and all the home owner mentioned when they called was "I get a whiff of something occasionally." 

If you have an older home we highly recommend giving us a call for a fast gas piping leak detection check with our electonic meters.  *** For an even better value, this service is actually offered free with our HVAC Precision Tune Ups*** (Any make and model equipment)

Don't dismiss that 'faint smell', it can be larger than you realize.

ALL of our service trucks carry this leak detection meter, we have you covered.

If you do need repairs or replacement, we are trained and licensed to install the newest Code Compliant CSST flexible gas piping which can save money in labor costs with it's ease of installation or if you like the rigidity of black iron piping we have the precut nipples for small repairs or a full compliment of cutting and threading equipment for a full scale repipe. 

One fitting to full replacement, we will get it done.

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