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Sewer and Water Mains

Rozga provides prompt, written estimates/ proposals for all sewer and water work.

In many cases, the actual mains are the municipal portion and your municipality will be involved with any main work.

Some municipalities hire Rozga to perform their sewer and water work. Where mains are privately owned, Rozga does provide prompt service to repair existing sewer and water mains or install new ones. For new construction, Rozga can install new sewer, water, and storm sewer mains for your project. 

For existing projects or buildings, Rozga specializes in troubleshooting problems and fixing them or replacing the mains when needed.  From blocked sewers to broken water mains, Rozga’s experienced crews can help get your pipes working again.

Rozga does indeed work 24/7. Our crews are always available to perform service when and where we are needed.  Sewers rarely schedule to plug up on weekdays from nine to five, and water pipes freeze and / or break on weekend and evenings. Rozga is ready when you need us.


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